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  • How does the Soirée roaming dinner party work?
    Each “Soirée” consists of six groups of four; three girl groups and three guy groups. For each event, the role of Host or Guest is assigned to a gender. As Hosts, we ask that you prepare, cook and serve your Guests a three-course meal in your own home, where you will stay and for each course a different group of Guests arrive. As Guests, we ask that you provide the wine, bring the banter and impress your Hosts. You will travel to 3 pre-arranged Host houses to enjoy their delicious food and hospitality. It is the responsibility of the Guests to order their own Ride share or Taxis between the houses which Soiree Events will refund following the event. The event starts between 5pm and 6pm depending on your Soirée and each course lasts 1 hour. There is then an afterparty at the end to reconnect with those you met at dinner + those from the other dinner parties.
  • What types of people take part?
    We have a broad range of people take part including the following industries: Advertising/media/PR/marketing Recruitment/sales Banking/legal Fashion Teaching Health/fitness/sports Most people who take part are open minded, fun and adventerous. They are people that want to do something different with their Saturday night and go out of their comfort zone Most are young professionals (not tourists/travellers) who live and work in the city, aged from Early 20s to late 30s
  • How does the group matching work?
    We match groups based on a number of attributes such as age, location, interests and ensure that all groups are meeting “new” people. We do our best to bring like-minded people together to maximise the likelihood that you will reconnect post event, whether that is as friends, housemates, work colleagues or for romance.
  • What does the ticket price include?
    Group tickets are $356 for four people ($89 per person). The ticket price covers all management and coordination of the event including group matchmatching, taxis between courses (for those roaming), an exlusive after party and much more.
  • As Hosts, what kind of dinner / food should we prepare?"
    Something simple and tasty does the trick! You don't need to go all out and cook a MasterChef winning meal. The emphasis is on the dinner party & social interaction as much as the food - especially the first course which we advise to be canapé based Sharing dishes work well as they are more interactive and it's always a good idea to share the workload between all four of you
  • As Guests, what kind of wine should we bring and how much? "
    We don’t want our Hosts to go thirsty, so we ask that each Guest group provides 12 bottles of wine. Four bottles for each course. This could be a mix of bubbles for the first course, some refreshing whites and then some nice reds.
  • Does each event have a different theme?
    We often have a theme for our events as this allows each group to get creative and add a personal touch to the night. It also offers some structure and direction on what to cook, what to wear, how to decorate and what games to play. Themes are sometimes seasonal eg. Christmas, Easter, Valentines, but we’ve also had others such as a Mad Hatters Tea Party, 1920’s Great Gatsby and Rockabilly
  • Who’s responsible for buying the ticket and organising the group?
    Typically, someone will nominate themselves as “team leader” - and they book the tickets and round up three others to join them. They will be responsible for providing group details to us as well as being the main contact on the night of the event.
  • How many people do you get taking part at each event?
    It varies at each event, but on average we welcome 300 to 500 guests to take part.
  • What additional costs are there?
    If you’re a Host, then your group of four will be responsible for purchasing the food and any theming you want for the house. If you’re a Guest your group of four will be responsible for purchasing the wine and any additional gifts/games you may want to surprise your Hosts with. Often, we have partnerships in place with brands as an added-value for attendees such as alcohol or food offers and competition and prizes - watch out for these!
  • Who is coming to my house if i am a host?
    We do thorough checks on all attendees beforehand and communicate our policies around good behaviour. This is why Soirée asks for lots of information including a link to each attendies social profile prior to matching people. we match based on attendies age, nationality, profession, interests and much more.
  • What if I have any dietary requirements?
    You will be able to let us know during the booking stage. We also double check this again a few weeks before the event and communicate all dietary requirements to Hosts to ensure they take this on board.
  • How old do you need to be to attend an event?
    You must be 18 Years or older to attend one of our events. Age range is generally early 20s to late 30s, however as we match groups based on their age as one of the critera, if you are outside of this, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t attend.
  • How often do you run your events?
    Typically every 3 months.
  • What are the timings for the events?
    The dinner parties start between 5pm and 6pm. Each course lasts 1 hour with 15-20min travel time between courses for Guests.
  • What locations in Sydney do you hold your events?
    As a Host, you need a Hosting location in Eastern Suburbs / CBD / Inner West / Lower North Shore or the Northern Beaches.
  • What should I wear?
    Whatever you like! It’s a special occasion though so you may want to put a little bit of thought into your appearance - smart casual is our standard dress code. It’s more important though that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing so that you can be a great first impression. You’ll be heading to a bar/club afterwards, so no trainers/thongs and ID is a must!
  • What happens if our Host address changes or if I can’t make the event after I’ve purchased tickets? Do you give refunds?
    It’s essential that you keep us informed as soon as possible if anything changes with your group booking. Correct Host addresses are crucial to the whole event running smoothly. We only offer refunds if we can replace your group easily, and we are unable to offer any refunds two weeks before any event. Either way please email us on for any changes
  • What should I do if I’m going to be late?
    If you know in advance that you’re going to be late then email us to let us know. On the night of the event you will be given contact details should you need to get in touch with us immediately.
  • What’s good about your events and why should I attend? How successful are you for singles?
    If you love socialising and meeting new people then our events are definitely for you. The beauty of our dinner parties is that you are socialising with different groups of new people but with the comfort of your own friends around, so there’s never a reason to feel intimidated. Our events are unique, exciting and most of all, really good fun! There are a number of success stories from Soirée, and we’ve even had a few marriages!
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